About us, how do we do it


If you choose to bagagevervoer.com to arrange luggage transport during your vacation, this is the following way practically implemented:

1. Start the holidays 
You leave your luggage at the hotel reception where you go. The bagagevervoer.com courier picks up your luggage after 09:00 and your vacation can begin immediately carefree knowing that your luggage will be delivered no later than 17:00 (05:00pm) by our courier at your next stop at the hotel, apartment or B & B. 

2. During the holidays
During your bike or hike the courier of bagagevervoer.com pick up your luggage after 9:00 in the morning. This is then transported to the hotel, apartment or B & B where you will spend the next night. No later than 17:00(05:00pm) You want to stay an extra night in a hotel, this is no problem. 

3. If you do not return your bike to start.
On the last day of cycling or hiking, you can choose to have your luggage or your bikes to be transported back to the starting point. At the appointed place the courier picks up and carry back your bike and your luggage to where the holiday has begun. This only applies if you choose not to make a journey where your holiday ends where it begins. 

We always use a transport document, and of course your property free insured up to a maximum of during the transfer        
€ 20,000, -  

4. Rent Bikes? 
No problem, let me know and these are waiting for you!